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We Are Expanding Our Montréal R&D Centre With New Offices and Additional Research Scientists

By Seth Coe-Sullivan, CEO and Co-Founder

I’m delighted to announce the expansion of our new R&D research centre next to the McGill University campus in Montréal. NS Nanotech Canada's newly opened offices at 630 Sherbrooke Street West are a stone’s throw from the labs at McGill’s engineering school where we collaborate with the university’s top nanotechnology materials researchers.

Town meets gown: Our Montréal R&D centre's new offices are right across Sherbrooke Street from the McGill University Campus.

Since March 2023, we have been working with McGill Prof. Songrui Zhao, one of the world’s leading nanoLED researchers. Prof. Zhao is advancing the state of the art in molecular beam epitaxy and other foundational technologies designed to enable orders-of-magnitude improvements in costs and efficiency over today’s lasers and LEDs. Together we are working to commercialize nanoLED technologies with the potential to disrupt emerging multibillion-dollar global markets for multicolor micro-LED displays and UVC-LED disinfection solutions.

NS Nanotech Canada Senior Research Scientist David Laleyen (left) and Chief Operating Officer Derrick Wong (center) with McGill Prof. Songrui Zhao (right) in Prof. Zhao's campus laboratory.

In April, NS Nanotech received matching funding from McGill University’s I&P Partnership Program to support our work with the senior researchers in Prof. Zhao’s laboratory. And now, our small but growing research team also has a home of its own right across the street.

Which is great news, because we are just in the process of adding three additional research scientists focusing on device fabrication, testing, and epitaxy. The new hires will round out our team led by our Chief Operating Officer, Derrick Wong, MSc-MBA, a part-time lecturer and mentor at McGill University, and our Senior Research Scientist, Dr. David Laleyan, a McGill graduate who received his Ph.D. from the University of Michigan. With our new facility, we are well-positioned for continued growth through 2024.

Our scientists are hard at work producing next-generation nanowire-based LEDs that will meet the demanding requirements of future augmented reality headsets, microdisplays, and UVC disinfection applications. We’ll look forward to updating you as the team hits its development milestones.

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