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Video Gallery

Our curated collection of videos provides an overview of NS Nanotech's technologies and product developments in nanowire LEDs and solid-state far-UVC semiconductor emitters. The videos feature talks by NS Nanotech executives at international conferences as well as reports from third parties on our groundbreaking nanotech-based display and ultraviolet disinfection technologies.

NanoLEDs for augmented reality applications

CEO and Co-Founder Seth Coe-Sullivan gives an update on NS Nanotech's nanowire LED technology at International Display Week 2023 in Japan.

Overcoming technical challenges confronting developers of augmented reality headsets

At the 2023 Mini/Micro-LED Technology Innovation Development Forum in Shenzhen, China, NS Nanotech CEO Seth Coe-Sullivan explains how nanoLED technology will help fulfill the as-yet unfulfilled promise of augmented reality headsets. 

Commercializing nanowire LEDs 

NS Nanotech Senior Scientist Dr. David Laleyan's presentation at the 2023 American Vacuum Society Conference describes our recent advances in processes to scale manufacturing of nanowire LEDs on semiconductor wafers for commercial applications.  

Nanowire LED technology foundation 

A quick overview of the technology building blocks enabling a revolutionary new approach to creating nanoscale LEDs.

NS Nanotech far-UVC disinfection products and technologies

A quick overview of the technology and applications enabled by the NS Nanotech far-UVC ShortWaveLight™ Emitter, the first solid-state source of far-UVC light for disinfection.

Nanowire LEDs and lasers for microdisplays and UVC Emitters

NS Nanotech CEO Seth Coe-Sullivan talks about nanoscale lasers at GESELOP 2022.

Insight Media reports on our NanoLED technology

Insight Media's Chris Chinook reported on our nanowire LED technology from the exhibition show floor at the Society for Information Display (SID) Display Week 2022.

How materials science breakthroughs enable nanowire LEDs 

CEO and Co-Founder Seth Coe-Sullivan does a deep dive into foundational nanotechnologies that enable NS Nanotech's groundbreaking nanowire LEDs. 

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