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McGill University Research Grant Supports NS Nanotech’s Quest for Next-Generation LEDs

Backing from the Québec government strengthens NS Nanotech Innovation Centre’s collaboration with McGill research scientists

MONTRÉAL, CANADA -- NS Nanotech Canada announced it has received matching funding support from McGill University’s Office of Innovation & Partnerships (I&P) to accelerate the commercialization of next-generation nanoLED technologies. The I&P Partnership Program is supported by Québec’s Ministère de l’Éducation and the Ministère de l’Enseignment Supérieur.

David Laleyan, Senior Scientist, NS Nanotech Canada (left), Derrick Wong, Chief Operating Officer, NS Nanotech Canada (center), and McGill University Professor Songrui Zhao (right) work with nanoLED fabrication equipment at Prof. Zhao’s research laboratory.

“We appreciate the support of the Québec government and McGill University as we staff up our research and development centre in Montréal,” said Seth Coe-Sullivan, CEO and co-founder of NS Nanotech. “Our collaboration with McGill’s world-class researchers will accelerate progress toward a new generation of nanomaterials and semiconductor products with revolutionary capabilities.”

"We welcome NS Nanotech’s investment in a new center of excellence in Montréal and are pleased to support its collaborative research with McGill’s research scientists,” said Mark Weber, Director, Innovation + Partnerships, McGill University. “Their work will enhance the position of McGill University and the Québec region as a magnet for innovative organizations developing world-changing technologies.”

NS Nanotech Canada’s recently established R&D centre is leveraging exclusive licenses to a portfolio of groundbreaking patents owned by McGill University to develop the world’s first efficient sub-micron-scale nanoLEDs. Commercialization of the laboratory technologies will help enable next-generation LEDs for televisions, mobile phones, smart watches, augmented-reality glasses, and other applications including disinfection with ultraviolet light.

Collaboration with world’s leading nanoLED researchers

McGill University established the I+P Partnerships Program in 2019 to catalyze public-private partnerships supporting the transfer of academic research to the commercial sphere to generate economic and social benefits. The program provides matching funds to program participants who invest an equal amount in cash plus in-kind contributions.

NS Nanotech Canada has started working with top researchers at McGill including Prof. Songrui Zhao, one of the world’s leading nanoLED researchers. Prof. Zhao holds numerous patents and is advancing the state of the art in molecular beam epitaxy and other foundational technologies designed to enable orders-of-magnitude improvements in costs and efficiency over today’s LEDs.

“The I&P Partnership Program will strengthen our collaboration with McGill,” said David Laleyan, Senior Research Scientist at NS Nanotech Canada. “We are already hard at work with Professor Zhao, and this program helps accelerate the joint R&D efforts for submicron-scale nanoLEDs.”

The Office of Innovation and Partnerships is the primary resource at McGill for bringing researchers and industry partners together for the generation of knowledge and technologies. It furthers the university’s stated mission “to create viable routes for translating research and discoveries into products, processes, and services that benefit society.”

About NS Nanotech

NS Nanotech, Inc., founded in Ann Arbor, Michigan in 2017, incorporated NS Nanotech Canada in November 2022. Senior researchers from NS Nanotech Canada will collaborate with McGill University scientists to accelerate the company’s ongoing nanoLED research. In Michigan, NS Nanotech has a prototype production facility to develop nitride semiconductors for UVC disinfection applications. It also holds exclusive licenses to an additional portfolio of nanoLED patents held by the University of Michigan and collaborates with researchers there on development of its nanoLED technologies.

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