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Submicron-Scale NanoLEDS

“The $20-billion LED market is based on a 20th-century invention that still has several major shortfalls in cost and performance that we intend to overcome,” says NS Nanotech CEO and Co-Founder Seth Coe-Sullivan. "We have already announced breakthroughs in LED performance, with laboratory fabrication of nitride semiconductor nanoLEDs that have the potential to deliver orders-of-magnitude improvements in brightness, efficiency, color saturation, directionality, power consumption, and cost." 


Our R&D team is hard at work on a long-term project to develop the world's first GaN nanoLEDs for both visible RGB displays and invisible UVC light for disinfection. Based on exclusively licensed patent portfolios from McGill University and the University of Michigan, NS Nanotech’s technology introduces new methods for growing sub-micron-scale red, green, blue, and UVC nano-LEDs from the bottom up directly on a single substrate. 

Videos, Presentations, Journal Articles,

Seth Coe-Sullivan gives nanoLED technology update at International Display Week 2023

NS Nanotech CEO Seth Coe-Sullivan Talks About Nanoscale Lasers at GESELOP 2022

Insight Media: NS Nanotech's Full Color Single Wafer microLED (Display Week 2022)

CEO Seth Coe-Sullivan: Submicron LED Pixels for MicroLEDs (Display Week 2020)

Display Week 2022

Display Week Victor Presentation.jpeg

Victor Hsia, VP Sales & Business Development, presents NS Nanotech's nanoLED technology story (Display Week 2022)

Photonics Research Journal:

High-efficiency AlGaN/GaN/AlGaN tunnel junction ultraviolet light-emitting diodes

Scalable Synthesis of Monolayer Hexagonal Boron Nitride on Graphene with Giant Bandgap Renormalization

Research Papers

Prof. Zetian Mi, our co-founder, has collaborated on numerous research papers focused on nanoLED technology, including:

  • ​MBE vs. MOCVD comparison for large scale production [see High Volume Manufacturing of 8XX nm – 10 XX nm…]

  • A Comparison of MOVPE and MBE Growth Technologies for III-V Epitaxial Structures

  • Full-Color Single Nanowire Pixels for Projection Displays

  • ​​​Scalable Nanowire Photonic Crystals:  Modeling the Light Emission of InGaN

  • ​Color-tunable, phosphor-free InGaN nanowire light-emitting diode arrays monolithically integrated on silicon

  • ​Growth of large-scale vertically aligned GaN nanowires and their heterostructures with high uniformity on SiOx by catalyst-free molecular beam epitaxy​

Contact us for access to our research papers.

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