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"The mass market seeks augmented-reality displays small enough to embed in a pair of sleek, lightweight eyeglass frames." Read the in-depth article by NS Nanotech CEO and Co-Founder Seth Coe-Sullivan in the June 2024 issue of Compound Semiconductor Magazine that provides a roadmap to the future of nanowire LEDs.Read More

Nov. 30, 2023
StatisticsMatrix Says NS Nanotech is First Mover at the "Dawn of the Nanophotonics Age"

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Mark Stansberry, founder of StatisticsMatrix and developer of the Semiconductor & IP Core Subject Matter Expert Database, says NS Nanotech's "ability to integrate LEDs and lasers into everyday silicon chips foretells the beginning of the nanophotonics age, the end of the transistor age, and the beginning of significant advances in healthcare technology.”—Read More

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Fierce Electronics reports on NS Nanotech's "new methods for growing sub-micron-scale red, green, blue, and UVC nano-LEDs from the bottom up directly on a single substrate...with power efficiency and resolution ideal for small displays with high resolution without the need for a bulky battery."—Read More

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EE Times reports on NS Nanotech's new R&D Centre in Montréal, Canada, which "represents a homecoming of sorts, as the company’s technology is based on research conducted at McGill University."—Read More

May 19, 2023
Record Sub-Micron LED Red Emission Efficiency

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Semiconductor Today says NS Nanotech's nanowire LEDs demonstrating the highest efficiency ever for red submicron-scale LEDs have the potential "to bring costs below the threshold required for integration of nano-LEDs into micro-displays and countless other end-products, with breakthroughs in cost and efficiency delivering performance equivalent to chips that today are ten times the size or more."—Read More

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Semiconductor Today reports on CAD $1 million matching funding support for NS Nanotech Canada from McGill University’s Office of Innovation & Partnerships (I&P) "to accelerate the commercialization of next-generation nano-LED technologies."—Read More

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LED Inside reports on the opening of the NS Nanotech research center in Montréal, where it focus on "enabling the commercialization of next-generation nano-LED technologies for televisions, mobile phones, smart watches, augmented-reality headsets, and other applications."—Read More

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Writing in Display Daily, Barry Young reports on NS Nanotech's "nanowire LEDs, which can be grown simultaneously in red, green and blue colors using indium gallium nitride (InGaN) on a single wafer."—Read More

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IEE Spectrum reports on NS Nanotech's "nitride semiconductor-based device that emits far-UV wavelengths to zap and inactivate viruses."—Read More


Dezeenthe world's leading online architecture and design publication, reports on the ways NS Nanotech's "new generation of compact chips could safely neutralise airborne coronavirus in buildings, vehicles and even outdoor spaces using far-UVC radiation."—Read More

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Electronic Products lists NS Nanotech's new solid-state far-UVC emitter technology among the best products of 2020—"the first solid-state emissive material to produce invisible shortwave far-UVC ultraviolet light that researchers say can neutralize the SARS-CoV-2 virus and other airborne pathogens."—Read More


Semiconductor Today reports on NS Nanotech's partnership with AquiSense "on the development of what is said to be the first solid-state broadband UV research device...powered by what is claimed to be the first UV lamp that is solid-state and emits wavelengths from 200nm to 400nm, developed by NS Nanotech."—Read More

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Fierce Electronics reports on NS Nanotech's announcement of "nitride semiconductors that emit far-UVC light at the 200 to 222 nanometer wavelength, which can neutralize more than 99.9% of airborne coronaviruses in their way."—Read More

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LED Inside reports on the announcement of a new LED nanotechnology "based on patented technology enabling fabrication of components that will be smaller and draw far less power than current LED solutions, while emitting brighter, more saturated, more stable, and more directional green light"—Read More

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