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Our ShortWaveLight™ Purifier Got its Unfair Share of Attention at CES

It wasn't just consumers who came by NS Nanotech's virtual ShortWaveLight™ exhibit at the international CES consumer electronics show in the second week of January. The media also took notice of our ShortWaveLight™ Purifier and the world's first solid-state far-UVC disinfection device that powers it, the ShortWaveLight™ Emitter.

IT World Canada listed the ShortWaveLight™ Purifier as one of its ten most interesting Covid-Inspired Gadgets from CES 2021. Compound Semiconductor Magazine published a comprehensive overview of our ShortWaveLIght™ Emitter technology in an article headlined NS Nanotech Shows Far-UVC Technology At CES. And IEEE Spectrum, the premier journal of electronics and electrical engineering, gave a nice shout-out to our ShortWaveLight™ Purifier in an article entitled CES 2021: Consumer Electronics Makers Pivot to Everything Covid.

Meanwhile, as we finish development of our products and gear up for production, consumers are taking advantage of our pre-production special: for a 10% down payment on the $199 purchase price, you can get your name on the list for delivery of a ShortWaveLight™ Purifier from an early production run in the second quarter of 2021.

Visitors also got to learn more about our first customers developing products and applications with our technology. UV Ray Lights will rent out our ShortWaveLight™ Purifiers to event planners who need to make weddings, corporate meetings and other gatherings safer to attend. And Kryptolights plans to design our ShortWaveLight™ Emitters into a family of products for consumers and businesses to neutralize coronavirus on surfaces and in the air.

We want to thank all the customers, industry partners, and media representatives who visited us virtually at CES this year. But no matter how efficient our online gatherings were, there's no substitute for meeting in person. So if in the coming year we see rapid deployment of pathogen-neutralizing far-UVC light along with successful rollout of vaccines, next year we'll see you in Las Vegas

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