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About Us

Semiconductors for a

Brighter, Healthier Future

Our Mission

At NS Nanotech, we were busy developing nano-LED products for future generations of TVs, phones, and computer displays. But then.... Covid-19 changed our world forever. We knew right away that our years of work with nitride semiconductors could help fight the virus. Our team pivoted to development of the world's first solid-state device capable of emitting pathogen-neutralizing far-UVC light.


A Solid-State Lighting Revolution

We founded the company in  2017 with exclusive rights to a patent portfolio based on more than a decade of groundbreaking work on nanoLEDs by Dr. Zetian Mi at McGill University and the University of Michigan.


This technology foundation is helping us usher in a new era in solid-state semiconductor lighting technology. We are developing components based on nitride semiconductors (the "NS" in our name) that will deliver an entirely new generation of solid-state lighting performance, ranging from today's UVC semiconductor emitters to future nanoLEDs for large displays, AR/VR microdisplays, and UVC disinfection applications.

A Healthier Future

Our first products are patented nitride semiconductor emitters of far-UVC light for air and surface disinfection of coronavirus and other pathogens. Far-UVC light, at wavelengths ranging from 200-to-230 nanometers, is safer to use around people than traditional sources of light for UVC disinfection, which emit longer wavelengths of light that can harm skin and eyes. Our ShortWaveLight™ Emitter and ShortWaveLight™ Purifier are the world's first solid-state sources of far-UVC light.

A Brighter Future

We are also on a development roadmap to deliver the world's first GaN nanoLEDs for both visible RGB displays and invisible UVC light for disinfection. We have already announced breakthroughs in LED performance, with laboratory fabrication of GaN nanoLEDs that have the potential to deliver orders-of-magnitude improvements in brightness, efficiency, color saturation, directionality, and power consumption for large displays, AR/VR microdisplays, and UVC disinfection.



We're always on the lookout for the most qualified technical talent to help us develop and manufacture our far-UVC disinfection products in Ann Arbor, Michigan. As a young, fast-moving company with revolutionary technology, we offer a challenging environment with top talent in photonics, UVC disinfection, and LED technology. To learn more, please email us at or click on the button below.

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