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NS Nanotech Co-Founder Wins Innovation Excellence Award

University of Michigan recognizes Professor Zetian Mi for technology breakthroughs that have "transformational potential for societal good."

Professor Zetian Mi, co-founder of NS Nanotech (Source: University of Michigan College of Engineering)

We're delighted to let you know that Prof. Zetian Mi, our co-founder responsible for NS Nanotech's technology breakthroughs enabling unprecedented performance of nano-scale LEDs, has won the prestigious 2023-24 Rexford E. Hall Innovation Excellence Award from the University of Michigan College of Engineering.

The awards committee recognized Prof. Mi's pioneering advances in III-nitride nanostructures, nanophotonics, and artificial photosynthesis that are driving the success of entrepreneurial ventures developing groundbreaking technologies for real-world applications:

  • At NS Nanotech, we are developing the world's first submicron-scale nanoLEDs that are setting records for LED efficiency and performance. Our products have the potential to upend the $80-billion dollar global market for LEDs by delivering potential orders of magnitude performance improvements in new, extremely small form factors.

  • And as co-founder of the startup company NX Fuels, his technology breakthroughs will support commercialization of artificial photosynthesis technology capable of transforming sunlight, water, and carbon dioxide into clean hydrogen and high-energy-rich fuels.

The award is designed for researchers who have developed breakthrough technologies that can be delivered to commercial markets "or deployed them towards societal good." It recognizes "entrepreneurial aspects of innovation that fall outside the scope of innovation in basic research, education, and service."

Prof. Mi has more than 20 U.S. patents, with more than 50 patent applications in the pipeline, and has consistently attracted funding for his groundbreaking research. With our exclusive licenses to patents held by the University of Michigan and McGill University, NS Nanotech is working to deliver on the promise of his technologies.

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