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Sign Up to Fight the Pandemic with Far-UVC Light

Help us develop and deploy ShortWaveLIght™ disinfection, the next game-changing Covid-19 prevention technology....

We’re looking for a few good partners to join us on a mission to help fight the pandemic with UVC light. Invisible ultraviolet light is so effective at neutralizing airborne pathogens that it is fast becoming a first line of defense against infectious diseases such as Covid-19, influenza, pneumonia, the common cold, and tuberculosis. And new “far-UVC” technologies are making it possible to disinfect the air we breathe virtually anywhere.

At NS Nanotech, we are developing the first solid-state source of far-UVC light. We have nearly completed development of our first product, the far-UVC ShortWaveLight™ Emitter, and we are looking for Evaluation Kit Program partners ready to develop lifesaving disinfection applications. We are also seeking technical and manufacturing professionals who can help us scale up our operations in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Join the Fight Against Covid-19 and Future Pandemics

Traditional UVC light neutralizes germs, but its long wavelengths can harm your skin and eyes in the same way that too much sunlight can. So, it can’t be used in many locations where people gather.

Far-UVC light, on the other hand, is emitted at shorter wavelengths of 200-to-240 nanometers. Far-UVC wavelengths are so short that they don’t penetrate past your body’s protective outer layer of dead skin cells or make their way through the liquid tear coating that protects your eyes. Therefore, short-wave far-UVC light can be used in spaces where people are most likely to congregate. It constantly disinfects the air, silently and proactively preventing people from infecting each other with deadly diseases.

Far-UVC light is a game-changer not only in the fight against Covid-19 and its variants, but also in the long-term global battle to prevent future pandemics. By providing ongoing, preventative disinfection of airborne pathogens in occupied spaces, it acts as an invisible first line of defense against global infectious diseases. If you want to join the fight, consider signing up with us, either as a potential member of our team or as a third-party developer using our products for new disinfection applications.

We are Scaling up to Meet Demand

Our solid-state far-UVC ShortWaveLight™ Emitter is the disinfection light source that many air quality and health experts have been waiting for. We are finishing development and well on our way to meeting our target specifications for our first products, and we expect to start production early in 2022.

We are also gearing up to hire qualified technical and manufacturing professionals who can help us meet pent-up demand for our unique UVC disinfection solutions. In fact, we expect our company to double in size by early next year, and to double in size again by the end of 2022.

So, if you are a Materials Scientist, Electrical Engineer, or Process Technician who can work with us in Ann Arbor, Michigan, be sure to contact us at

Far-UVC Disinfection Applications are On the Way

In the meantime, we have launched our ShortWaveLight™ Evaluation Kit Program and are working with numerous partners designing the next generation of UVC disinfection applications. Our evaluation kit includes an early version of our ShortWaveLight™ Emitter, and for program partners, we provide ongoing technical support and share valuable market and technical data.

The Evaluation Kit Program is designed to support early customers as they develop innovative far-UVC disinfection applications. Imagine airplanes that disinfect the cabin air with UVC light. Or elevators in busy office buildings where Covid-19 germs are constantly neutralized. Or office cubicles that constantly emit far-UVC light that not only neutralizes Covid-19 germs but also viruses that cause colds and the flu. Our partners who join the Evaluation Kit Program are investigating all these potential applications and more.

Lighting fixture manufacturers, designers of air purification products, distributors of office furniture, architects, architects designing the next generation of healthy buildings, engineers designing coronavirus-neutralizing HVAC systems, and many others all are turning to UVC disinfection. If you are ready to design disinfection solutions that will deactivate SARS-CoV-2 and other pathogens that spread in aerosols floating in the air we breathe, our ShortWaveLight™ Evaluation Kit might be just what you need. To learn more, email me.

The First Line of Defense against Covid-19, the Flu, and other Deadly Diseases

Even before Covid-19, airborne infectious diseases were the number-three cause of mortality in the U.S., behind heart disease and cancer.. Now the SARS CoV-2 Delta variant promises to keep Covid-19 and future airborne infectious diseases among the world’s biggest public health challenges for years to come. That’s why disinfection of the air with far-UVC light is an absolute necessity as a long-term solution for our global infrastructure.

In fact, we are convinced far-UVC disinfection will emerge as the single most effective first line of defense for global public health, because it proactively inactivates viruses before they reach your body. The second line of defense will continue to be face masks, which stop viruses before you breathe them in. And the third line of defense will be the growing array of vaccinations and vaccination boosters for Covid-19, influenza, and other diseases. Why are vaccines the third line of defense? Because while they blunt or prevent the impact of disease, they only go to work after pathogens have entered your body and started to infect you.

So, consider joining us on our long-term quest to help save the world with far-UVC light. If you are a qualified technical or manufacturing professional, or if you are developing infrastructure solutions that will deploy lifesaving far-UVC disinfection solutions, contact us today.

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