Solid-State Far-UVC Disinfectant Light

New Semiconductor Chip Emits Far-UVC Disinfectant

Ultraviolet Light to Neutralize Coronavirus


May 21, 2021

Seth Coe-Sullivan Previews Far-UVC ShortWaveLight™ Emitter at 2021 Display Week

"We knew that our technology had unique capabilities to help prevent the spread of Covid and of future viral and bacterial pathogens as well. That technology is ultraviolet light, an extremely strong disinfectant that can instantly kill coronaviruses and other pathogens."

Background on Far-UVC Disinfectant Light Safety and Efficacy



July 30, 2020 

NS Nanotech Closes the LED "Green Gap"

August 7, 2020

Seth Coe-Sullivan Presents at SID's 2020 Display Week Virtual Symposium on Micro-LED Displays

At the SID 2020 Display Week Virtual Symposium, NS Nanotech CEO Seth Coe-Sullivan presented an overview of breakthroughs in nano-LED technologies. NS Nanotech was also a Display Week i-Zone Honoree

Research Papers

  • ​MBE vs. MOCVD comparison for large scale production [see High Volume Manufacturing of 8XX nm – 10 XX nm…]

  • A Comparison of MOVPE and MBE Growth Technologies for III-V Epitaxial Structures

  • Full-Color Single Nanowire Pixels for Projection Displays

  • ​​​Scalable Nanowire Photonic Crystals:  Modeling the Light Emission of InGaN

  • ​Color-tunable, phosphor-free InGaN nanowire light-emitting diode arrays monolithically integrated on silicon

  • ​Growth of large-scale vertically aligned GaN nanowires and their heterostructures with high uniformity on SiOx by catalyst-free molecular beam epitaxy​

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