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Visit us at CES 2022

And check out our new ShortWaveLight™ video....

If you are venturing to Las Vegas for the CES 2022 consumer electronics show, visit us at NS Nanotech Booth #8878 in the North Hall of the convention center. Among other things, we will be telling our story with a new video on our 65-inch monitor. Here's a sneak peek:

Prototypes: In our booth, we will show working prototypes of our products. We have pre-production units of our ShortWaveLight™ Emitter, the world's first solid-state source of far-UVC disinfecting light. And with pre-production units of our far-UVC ShortWaveLight™ Purifiers positioned at each corner of our booth, we will create a "Covid protection zone" where disinfection with far-UVC light will deactivate airborne viruses that may be circulating on the convention floor.

Evaluation kits: Prototypes of both the purifier and the emitter are part of our Evaluation Kit Program for manufacturers designing next-generation far-UVC disinfection applications for use in occupied spaces. If you are developing new products that might integrate the world's smallest emitter of far-UVC light, be sure to stop by the NS Nanotech booth.

Contact us: We'd love to meet you in-person at CES or virtually any time you want. To set up a time to talk, contact

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