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Pivot Technologies Prototypes Far-UVC Disinfection Fixture

Our Evaluation Kit Program partner demonstrates NS Nanotech's ShortWaveLight™ Emitters for Texas school officials....

Last year, when Pivot Technologies joined our Evaluation Kit Program, we looked forward to the day they would unveil their first prototype product integrating the NS Nanotech far-UVC ShortWaveLight™ Emitter. And now that day has arrived.

Pivot's far-UVC ceiling fixture prototype integrates NS Nanotech's ShortWaveLight™ Emitter (Source: Pivot Technologies)

Pivot develops and deploys high-tech disinfection lighting solutions for commercial and residential properties. With experts in architecture, interior design, lighting design, electrical engineering, and science and technology, it's no surprise that they are breaking new ground in disinfection applications utilizing far-UVC light.

At a recent conference for Texas public school officials, Pivot introduced a prototype of a new far-UVC disinfection product. The small fixture resembles a standard downlight, but instead of visible light, it uses our ShortWaveLight™ Emitter to shine invisible far-UVC light that can deactivate coronavirus and other airborne pathogens.. Unlike traditional UVC light, which can harm your skin and eyes, far-UVC light has a shorter wavelength that makes it safer to use around people.

Covid Prevention for Safer Schools

Covid-19 was a hot topic at the March TASBO 2022 Engage conference sponsored by the Texas Association of School Business Officials. Attendees seeking out ways to keep their schools open and students safer in the midst of the ongoing pandemic crowded seminars offering advice on how to apply for American Rescue Plan funds that can be used to retrofit schools with better ventilation and air purification systems.

"Far-UVC disinfection is a concept whose time has come," says Pivot Technology Manager Shane Clanton, who attended the gathering. "Texas school officials came to the TASBO conference with open minds and were especially receptive to new ways of disinfecting the air to prevent Covid infections."

(Source: Pivot Technologies)

Pivot also demonstrated prototypes of our far-UVC ShortWaveLight™ Purifier at the conference. The desktop purifier is designed to deactivate coronavirus and other pathogens in your personal airspace and is a potential solution to help keep teachers safer in crowded classrooms.

Evaluation Kits Speed Design of UVC Disinfection Applications

Pivot was among the first participants in our ShortWaveLight™ Evaluation Kit program. The evaluation kits are for manufacturers developing new far-UVC disinfection applications utilizing the ShortWaveLight™ Emitter. They include a prototype emitter, mechanical specs, associated driving cables, power supplies, product documentation, and other tools for application developers.

Pivot is a great example of the partnerships we form with our Evaluation Kit Program members to share information about the best ways to deploy far-UVC disinfection to improve indoor air quality. As further studies confirm that far-UVC disinfection can be successfully deployed, product developers are considering potential limitless possibilities for effective disinfection of the air in public and private spaces.

Constant disinfection of the air with human-safe far-UVC light should make it possible to significantly reduce the viral load anywhere people congregate. Always-on far-UVC light could make offices, airports and airplanes, trains and train stations, convention centers, buses, personal autos and ride-shares, theaters, and literally any other location where people gather less likely to spread the contagion. For more information on our Evaluation Kit Program, contact us today.

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