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Semiconductors for a

Brighter, Healthier Future

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Far-UVC Disinfection

For a Healthier Future

The World's First Solid State
Far-UVC Light Sources

When the Covid-19 pandemic hit, we knew that our years of work with nitride semiconductors could help fight the virus. We went right to work developing solid-state disinfection products that emit UVC light to continuously deactivate airborne coronavirus and numerous other air- and surface pathogens.

Our ShortWaveLight™ Emitter is the world's first solid-state source of far-UVC light. With a spectrum wavelength range from 200-to-230 nanometers, far-UVC light is safer to use around people than traditional UVC light at 254nm and longer wavelengths.

In 2022, we will also ship a consumer product that integrates our far-UVC emitter, the ShortWaveLight™ Purifier. The personal purifier, shaped like a pyramid and about the size of a coffee mug, will be available for $499 from our online store. 

Other sources of short-wavelength far-UVC light are based on older gas-plasma technologies that run at very high temperatures and have larger form factors than our emitters. Our patented solid-state nitride semiconductor emitter design runs cooler, has a smaller form factor, and doesn't use any toxic gases.



For a Brighter Future

Toward the World's
Most Efficient LEDs

We are on a development roadmap to deliver the world's first nanoLEDs for both visible RGB displays and invisible UVC light for disinfection. We have already announced breakthroughs in LED performance, with laboratory fabrication of nitride semiconductor nanoLEDs that have the potential to deliver orders-of-magnitude improvements in brightness, efficiency, color saturation, directionality, and power consumption. 

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With manufacturing partners who license our nanoLED technology to develop next-generation large displays, microdisplays, and AR/VR displays, we expect to commercialize the world's most efficient nanoLEDs. At the same time we are on track to develop the world's first far-UVC nanoLEDs for disinfection applications. 


Come Work with Us

We're staffing up! NS Nanotech, Inc., is seeking qualified technical talent to help us develop and manufacture our far-UVC disinfection products in Ann Arbor, Michigan. As a young, fast-moving company with revolutionary technology, we offer a challenging environment where you can work with top talent in photonics, UVC disinfection, and LED technology. Please email us at or click on the button below.

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