Disinfecting Light

"UVC" Light Deactivates Viruses and Microbes

Ultraviolet light neutralizes viruses, bacteria, and other pathogens by disrupting their nuclear RNA to prevent them from replicating. "UVC" light at wavelengths ranging from 200-to-300 nanometers has proven to be a strong disinfectant and has long been used to sanitize air, surfaces, and water in hospitals, factories, water treatment plants, office-buildings, schools, and many other public and private spaces. However, UVC light with longer wavelengths can damage the skin and eyes, so it is only used in situations where people won't come into contact with it.

Invisible UVC light deactivates viruses by disrupting their RNA and making them incapable of reproducing.

Why Shortwave "Far-UVC" Light is Safer

Shortwave "far-UVC" light, at wavelengths from 200-to-222 nanometers, has been shown to be very effective at deactivating pathogens (see Columbia University report in Nature, below). At the same time, according to recent research, its shorter wavelength means it does not penetrate living skin or eye tissue (see Kobe University study, below). Which means it is being used to disinfect more places where people gather—and where Covid-19 and other diseases spread so easily.

"Joint research between Kobe University and Ushio Inc. has provided proof for the first time in the world that direct and repetitive illumination from 222nm ultraviolet radiation C (UVC), which is a powerful sterilizer, does not cause skin cancer. This suggests that 222nm UVC is also safe for human eyes and skin. This technology is expected to have a wide range of antibacterial and antiviral applications in medical facilities and daily life." (Read the report here.)

"Far-UVC light (207–222 nm) efficiently kills pathogens, potentially without harm to exposed human tissues....Thus while staying within current regulatory dose limits, low-dose-rate far-UVC exposure can potentially safely provide a major reduction in the ambient level of airborne coronaviruses in occupied public locations. (Read the report here.)

How Our ShortWaveAir™ Purifier Disinfects Your Personal Airspace

Our personal, portable ShortwaveAir™ Purifier sits on your tabletop or anywhere else you can plug it in. It is powered by our patented, ShortWaveLight™ Emitter, the world's first solid-state device to emit "far-UVC" disinfecting light. and emits invisible far "far-UVC" light that neutralizes coronavirus in your personal airspace. Louvered vents guide the light to purify the air just in front of it as well as the surface of your desk or table. And three micro-fans gently push purified air toward you, providing a first line of defense against airborne pathogens.