Far-UVC Air Purifier

Far-UVC Air Purifier

Solid-state UV light neutralizes coronavrius



For next-generation displays



For micro-LEDs with ultra-high resolution

Our Technology

NS Nanotech's patented nitride semiconductors and nano-LED technology provide light in the invisible UV spectrum for far-UVC disinfection applications and in the visible RGB spectrum for the next generation of LED display technology (signage, mobile, AR/VR & HDTV).

Our far-UVC chips produce invisible, short-wavelength ultraviolet light that researchers say inactivates coronavirus while posing less risk of harm to skin and eyes than longer-wavelength light. 

  • NS Nanotech's nitride semiconductor solid-state technology has the potential to displace current germicidal UVC lamps that are large, fragile, expensive, and too hot to touch, and that utilize bulbs filled with chemicals such as mercury and chlorine gas. 

  • We will also introduce in 2021 a portable consumer UV air purifier, about the size of a coffee mug, that uses our far-UVC chip to deactivate coronavirus in your personal airspace. 


Our nano-LEDs will be used in the coming generation of micro-LED displays for brighter, ultra-high resolution, greater energy efficiency, and very small display sizes without losing efficiency. Expected benefits include:

  • Bright, monolithic, multi-color, micro-LEDs for micro-displays and large-area displays using InGaN nano-LED structures.

  • Up to 10X the power efficiency and pixel sizes <5um for AR/ VR applications.

  • Up to 50% longer battery life over an OLED mobile phone display.

  • Superior cost and efficiency.

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